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An ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified

BPS2033-8033 KVA High Frequency Online IGBT UPS

Product Description

Key Features:

  • Advanced IGBT UPS Rectifier technology,Input power factor: 0.99.
  • Input THDi < 3%.
  • The efficiency of the machines is as high as 94%.
  • Connect up to 8 units in parallel for maximum flexibility ( no parallel kit required ) , and compatible to battery share in the parallel mode , which helps the customer to extend the system capacity with low cost.
  •  Intelligent management of battery charging and discharging.
  • Twin-channel line input.
  • Large LCD Graphical display panel , convenient for operation.

Reduce the investment cost saving valuable space:

BPS2033-8033 Series IGBT online UPS represents the best solution that is both cost effective and environmental friendly,It delivers an excellent integrated autonomy, reduced footprint and optimum input and output performances,guaranteeing reliable and flexible power.

BPS2033-8033KVA High Frequency Online IGBT Based UPS Technical Specifications:

Model BPS1033 BPS1533 BPS2033 BPS3033 BPS4033 BPS6033 BPS8033
Nominal Ratings 10KVA 15KVA 20KVA 30KVA 40KVA 60KVA 80KVA
Output  power 9KW 13.5KW 18KW 27KW 36KW 54KW 72KW
Nominal input voltage(V) 380/400/415
Input voltage range (V) 305~477 at full load; 228-477 at 70% load
Nominal input frequency (Hz) 50/60
Input frequency range (Hz) 40-70
Input power factor (kW/kVA) 0.99
Bypass voltage tolerance (%) selectable from +20 to -40
Bypass frequency tolerance (%) ±20 (±10 selectable)
Current THD at full linear load (THDi < 5
Number battery blocks per string 30-40
Nominal output voltage (V) 380/400/415 (3-phase) or 220/230/240 (1-phase)
Output Power Factor 0.9
Nominal output frequency (Hz) 50/60
THDv with 100% linear load (%) 2%
Inverter overload capacity <105% Continuous; 125% for 5 min; 150% for 1 min
Online mode efficiency Up to 95.5%
ECO mode efficiency Up to 99%
Dimensions and weight
Dimensions (W x D x H) mm 500 x 860 x 1240 600 x 850 x 1600
Weight (Net weight) 115 210 225 255
Nosie at 1 m dB (A) 56 58 60 62
Protection level IEC (60529) IP20
Conditions apply
Specifications are subject to change without any prior notification

Performance of IGBT online UPS

  • No matter in the city electric mode or the battery mode, can output the low distortion sine wave power supply, for the user’s load equipment for the best power supply protection.
  • When the city electricity blackouts or complex, IGBT online UPS between the city mode and electric battery mode switching is no conversion time, and effectively guarantee the reliability of load operation.
  •  In order to avoid the IGBT based UPS city electric input zero line of fire back, the machine has zero line of fire back detection function.
  •  In order to avoid the user to allow the IGBT UPS to work in the MODE BYPASS does not boot, resulting in power outages, IGBT online UPS and equipment are abnormal shutdown. UPS input normal city, the default no bypass output. Must boot, will have the normal inverter output.
  • IGBT based UPS with the input power due to the correction function, in the case of full load, the input power can reach more than 0.99, the user’s power grid environment will not be contaminated.
  • In the state of city electric power failure, if you need to use the IGBT online UPS to start the computer or other load equipment, UPS can be directly to the battery for DC power on, so that the use of UPS more convenient and reliable.
  •  Bypass supply function make IGBT based UPS emergency handling ability greatly enhanced. At the same time the user load equipment for power supply with special requirements, such as high voltage cannot be, UPS offers a bypass power supply high voltage protection, user load equipment from high risk.
  •  When the city power is abnormal, into the battery power supply mode until the cutoff, IGBT UPS will shutdown, when the city electricity is restored, the European E-MARK IGBT based UPS will start automatically, power supply is normal, without requiring the user to one boot.
  • IGBT UPS provide a comprehensive long-term machine for users to choose. A suitable battery pack can be used to meet the needs of users in different power grid environments.
  • UPS long lasting machine in addition to discharge time is prolonged, the battery capacity is also very strong.
  • IGBT UPS has the fault self diagnosis, self protection function, cooperate with the monitoring software, according to the regular or irregular way.
  •  According to electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference (RFI), H series UPS in line with international standards EN500912 and iec61000-4 series standard design, effectively improve the safety and reliability of using the IGBT online UPS.
  •  Wide input voltage and frequency range, you can use in combination with major brand generator, use of time is more extended. At the same time, the effective removal of the negative power generator, provide pure, safe and stable power to the loads.
  • In order to users of the IGBT UPS management more convenient and effective, in the web site can be free to download the corresponding network version of the monitoring software, to achieve intelligent management.
  • IGBT UPS standard machine collocation high quality original battery, with good quality of the battery, to ensure the safety and reliability of the use of IGBT based UPS. Long acting machine battery matching, depending on the user’s needs.
  • Pure online double change design, isolation, filtering power grid all kinds of harmonics and faults, while short circuit, overload, overheating, output under pressure and other technologies to make the system more reliable, more secure.
  • Power outages, IGBT based UPS in the battery mode to discharge to shut down; when the power of the city, IGBT online UPS automatically boot, to facilitate the case of power management.